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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bản dịch sang Anh ngữ Tuyên cáo by Huỳnh Quốc Huy

by Facebooker Người Luân Đôn, Mar. 15, 2017

Bản dịch sang Anh ngữ Tuyên cáo by Huỳnh Quốc Huy vào Mar. 13, 2017 gởi Cộng Sản Trung quốc + Cộng Sản Việt Nam

translated into English by Facebooker Người Luân Đôn, Mar. 15, 2017

Quoc-Huy Huynh's Proclamation to the Communist Governments of Vietnam and China


(I hereby, formally demand that the Chinese Communist Government to stop immediately all of their deliberate acts to dictate our national affairs. I also here by demand that the Vietnamese Communist Government to stop all acts of colluding with the Communist China to directly, indirectly, formally or by any shady means oppress, intimidate and threaten our movements to fight for the rights to live and determine as rightful citizens of this sovereign country).

I'm Quoc-Huy Huynh, born in 1980 in Phụng Hiệp, An Giang Province, Vietnam. I am a citizen of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, an independent sovereign country, a member of the United Nations and is also one of the 47 Elected Members of The UN Human Rights Council.

As a citizen of such nation and also a citizen of the world in this 21st century, when facing with grave challenges of having number of gargantuan commercial corporations all poised to contaminate the length and breadth of our country, I supported father Nguyễn Văn Lý's calls to our entire nation to peaceful demonstrations on the 5th Mar 2017 to protest the Formosa Steel Corporation for deliberately poisoning and destroying the ecosystems of hundreds of mile of our coastal regions stretching the country's 4 midland provinces. They do this by continueously discharge their deadly toxic wastes of heavy metals and other lethal chemicals directly into our seas destroying the entire coastal ecosystems and killing hundreds of thousands of tonnes of fish and every living creature in it. We insist that the Vietnamese Communist Government pursue all legal means against Formosa Steel Corporation and to bring them to justice for the crimes of deliberately killing our seas, destroying the livelihoods of many hundreds of thousands of every fishing community all along the affected areas, threatening the public health and therefore the very survival of our people! Their crimes also contribute to destroying the world's ecosystems at large.

This is a just and rightful action that is within the laws. It is also our basic civil and human rights as a citizen of a member state of the United Nations Human Rights Council to be able to peacefully exercise.
However, not only our basic civil rights are not being protected, the Vietnamese Communist Government and the Chinese secret national guards have joint force to brutally assault and in the process, inflicted countless of bloody injuries on those who took part in the peaceful demonstration in Saigon on 5th March 2017. Hundreds of young demonstrators were arrested and detained in police cells where they were mercilessly beaten, physically tortured and psychologically intimidated just for peacefully exercising their basic civil and human rights. For myself and a number of other civil and human rights activists, our lives are under constant and present danger and being threatened by the relentless pursue of groups of undercover plain clothed individuals who are under the direct control of the Vietnamese national police force and Chinese secret police.

In his recent visit to the Chinese Communist Government, Nguyễn Phú Trọng, who holds only the position as the Chairman of the Vietnamese Communist Party, has personally signed 15 agreements of total cooperation between the two countries, and in particular, those agreements forcing Vietnam into complete ties with China in all but the upmost important aspects from our political stand to arm forces and ultimately to our homeland securities. By doing so, he has deliberately placed our national security and the survival of our very own nation in the hands of a foreign power that is the Chinese Communist Regime. These agreements have been struck with only one sole aim that is to preserve and protect the benefits of the Vietnamese and Chinese Communist parties alone. This is, therefore, a deceitful act of treachery to our country and the people of Vietnam. Mr. Nguyễn Phú Trọng holds no position of power in the current administration, and therefore holds no authority to commit Vietnam to such agreements. These matters should only be considered and decided by our parliament and the government in power, whose job it is to represent the Vietnamese people. Also, regarding the fact that this is the first time the Chinese secret police force’s presence is evident in Saigon and had directly involved in the bloody crackdown of the peaceful demonstration that took place on 5th Mar 2017 and those who took part. They have also been actively involved in the pursue for my life and that of many others who have been actively fighting to protect our environment and for our rights to live in a civil and just society. These are the undisputed proofs for those issues described above.
Being involved in each other's national security affairs, in this case the Chinese Communist Regime has evidently involved in Vietnam's internal affairs, they serve to mercilessly suppress their peoples to forcefully preserve and protect their own respective authoritarian regimes. This is an evil alliance that goes against all international standards of good governance, all good social relations in amongst civilised peoples and against the rights to determine of nations in the world.
Not only I, a Vietnamese citizen, object to this evil alliance but masses of righteous Chinese and their young people, and all of the civilised peoples in the world also condemn and despite it too.

Because of all matters mentioned above in this proclamation, I hereby, demand the Vietnamese Communist Regime and their Chinese counterpart to immediately stop all acts of aggression and the use of brute force to torture and intimidate those who took part in peaceful protests to fight for their rights live in a clean unpolluted environment. The Vietnamese and Chinese Communist Regimes must immediately stop using dubious shady undercover forces to pursue, intimidate and threaten my life for we only act within the boundary of our constitutional laws and our only wish is to peacefully and properly exercise our constitutional and civil rights. The Vietnamese and Chinese Communist Regimes must act in proper manners and must not resolve to using shady, thuggery means to terrorise and oppress.

I also formally request the Vietnamese police force’s protection for myself and other young people who take part in peaceful demonstration to bring Formosa Steel Corporation to justice. You are duty bound to protect us, the very people whose taxes go towards paying your wages. You cannot collude with foreign forces to oppress and torture us, nor turn away from the very fact that we, your own people, are being pursued by the Chinese secret police right here in our own homeland! This is an utter disgrace to our nation and to the souls of our ancestors.

I also declare that this proclamation, in Vietnamese, French and English, will be formally submitted to the United Nations of Human Rights, all the foreign nations with Embassies here in Vietnam, all international Human and Civil Rights organisations and all social and communication networks available.

I also sincerely appeal to the international communities to pay attention to these grave matters and together raise your voice in support for our causes so we can live, think and voice our voices as human beings, for in reality we as Vietnamese living the country of Vietnam where severe infringement of civil and human rights is played out in every hour of every day through the length and breadth of our country now right under the nose of an indifferent ignorant humanity.

I must all so stress that I am a healthy individual with no suicidal thoughts nor intention to commit suicide in a police cell. Therefore, should my very life be compromised while in police custody, I request that you will do your utmost to pursue and prosecute the barbaric and thuggery conducts of the Vietnamese Communist regime and the Chinese Communist regime and bring them to justice.

Dear my fellow Vietnamese brothers and sisters,

Our motherland Vietnam is facing her gravest danger that threatens the very survival of our nation and people and that is to be invaded yet again by those from the North that is aggressor red China and with the real likelihood of becoming one of their self-governed provinces. I strongly believe that, in addition to us fighting hard to promote and preserve our civil and human rights within Vietnam, the United Nations of Human Rights Council, all international Human and Civil Rights organisations and all international organisations with working relations with Vietnam also have the duty to contribute to the protection of human and civil rights for our people living under this authoritarian regime in Vietnam.

I thank you all for being by my side on this journey and for giving me and the people of Vietnam the strength to carry on fighting to preserve our civil and human rights, for freedom and democracy for all our people and nation.

Sincerely Yours,

Quốc-Huy Huỳnh
Saigon, 13th March 2017

translated into English by Facebooker Người Luân Đôn, Mar. 15, 2017

Please see Vietnamese version here [Mời bạn đọc bản Việt ngữ ở đây] ==> Thông cáo gởi Cộng Sản Trung quốc + Cộng Sản Việt Nam

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